Manuscripts Collection
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"SINGIN' SAM" AGINS                                      95-064


Physical Description:

1 l.f. including

15 pieces of sheet music

2 fake books

1 33-r.p.m. disc

1 45-r.p.m. disc

3 audio tapes (TTA-0208 TCA-0208A,B/B)


These materials were sent to the Center by the widow of "Singin' Sam" on the recommendation of former Country Music Foundation employee Charlie Seeman.

Biographical Sketch:

"Singin' Sam" Agins (June 1919-April 1996) was known in the southwestern states of Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming as a professional craftsman (of leather, silver, gold) and folk musician. He taught classes in folk singing, and represented the Smithsonian at the Montreal Expo in 1976.

Scope and Content: