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CROOK, JOE                                                                                                           11-030



Physical Description:

17 boxes of VHS tapes, 178 magazine serials (separate), 2 calendars (separate), 1 compact disc (separate)



1978 to 1999


Abstract (Descriptive Summary):

212 VHS tapes of music videos belonging to collector Joe Crook (6 tapes were defective and are not with collection), 178 serials (primarily rock, blues, and music collector magazines), 2 calendars, 1 compact disc. Most videos relate to 1980s and 1990s alternative rock.



All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws.  Center staff are able to assist with copyright questions for this material.


Provenance and Acquisition Information:

Joe Crook acquired the items in this collection starting from 1981 until 2012. Most of the collection was purchased at record stores in the Nashville area.


Subjects/Index Terms:


Music videos

Alternative rock music

Rock music

Blues (Music)

Rolling Stone (San Francisco, Calif.)



Crook, Joe, 1956—


Agency History/biographical sketch:

Joe Crook is a Database Administrator in the Nashville area. Originally from Tennessee, he earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 1989. Crook began collecting vinyl records in 1981 while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and continued collecting vinyl records, CD’s, and VHS tapes from that point forward.


Scope and content: Collection of 206 VHS tapes. All tapes belonged to Joe Crook, collected over several decades. The videos encompass a wide variety of genres, primarily rock and alternative from the 1980s and 1990s. Also includes 1950s, 60s, and 70s rock, electronica, blues, reggae, ska, and punk. Collection of 178 music magazines primarily consists of Goldmine, Rolling Stone, and Living Blues. See inventory list for specific titles.


Materials Cataloged Separately: All serials catalogued in Center’s database.


Arrangement: Original order has been maintained for music videos. All serials have been separated from collection and catalogued in the Center’s database.


Location: The videotapes are housed in the Manuscript Collections of the collection storage area filed by accession number. Magazines and serials are housed with the Secondary Serials collection.


Related Materials: The Center holds a number of other music video VHS tapes of 1980’s and 90’s alternative rock music.


JMH; January 17, 2013



Box List:

Box 1

  1. Afrikan Dreamland, “Apartheid Kills”, One World Productions, AYO Records, 1985
  2. Aphex Twin, “WindowLicker”, Sine Records and Warp Records, 1999
  3. Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, and Tracy Nelson, “Sing it”, Rounder Records
  4. “The Batreel”, Warner Bros. Records In-Store Video Show #6/97
  5. The Beatles, “The Beatles Live”, Dave Clark (London) Limited, 1985
  6. “Give Peace a Chance” music video; “The Making of ‘Give Peace a Chance’” Documentary, Propaganda Films screening copy
  7. David Bowie, “Jazzin’ for Blue Jean”, 1984
  8. David Bowie, “Love You Till Tuesday”, Polygram music video
  9. Meredith Brooks, “Deconstruction”, EPK 1999, Capital Records
  10. James Brown and Friends, “Set Fire to the Soul”, HBO Video, 1987
  11. Catherine Wheel, “Black Metallic” and “I Want to Touch You” from the album Ferment, Mercury Records, promotional use only
  12. Tracy Chapman, “Bang Bang Bang” music video, Elektra Entertainment
  13. The Church, “Ripple”, Arista Records
  14. “Remembering Patsy Cline”, documentary, 1999

Box 2

  1. “Fleetwood Mac: The Early Years”, documentary, Rhino Home Video, 1995
  2. Fishbone, “Live in San Francisco, January 16, 1992”; Willie Dixon funeral, February 5, 1992; Grammy Salutes the Blues
  3. Enya, “Moon Shadows”, Warner Reprise Video
  4. Dread Zeppelin, “un-Led-ed”, video press kit, July 18, 1990
  5. The Doors, “Dance on Fire”, 1985
  6. The Devlins, “I Knew That” music video, Capital Records, 5/14/1993
  7. Definition FX, “Something Inside”; The Cranes, “Everywhere”; RCA Records
  8. Dead Milkmen, “Peter Bazooka”, NTSC Stereo Copy, Restless Records, 8/29/1985
  9. Miles Davis, “Miles Davis: The Music of Miles Davis”, BMG Video, Promo Only-Not for Sale
  10. Shannon Curfman, KARE 11 News
  11. The Robert Cray Band, Video Profile and “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Video
  12. Crash Test Dummies, “A Bumper Car Named Desire”, Arista Records
  13. Cracker, “Low”, 8/27/93, Virgin Records
  14. Alice Cooper, Halloween Video ID’s, 10/23/89, Epic Records

Box 3

  1. George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, “The Mothership Connection”, Live from Houston, 1985
  2. Peter Gabriel, “Secret World Live”, comes with brochure
  3. Peter Gabriel, “Cv”, compilation video, 1987, Virgin Records
  4. Georgia Satellites, home video recording of a concert
  5. Government Cheese, “For the Battered”
  6. Nanci Griffith, Video Press Kit, 9/9/1994, On the Scene Productions
  7. Beth Hart, Late Show with David Letterman, 10/6/99
  8. The Juliana Hatfield Three, “My Sister”, from CD “Become What You Are”; Mammoth Records/The Atlantic Group, 6/28/1993
  9. Jimi Hendrix, Live at Monterey (from Monterey Pop Festival in 1967), HBO Videos, 1986
  10. Jimi Hendrix, “Johnny B. Goode”, video EP
  11. John Lee Hooker, “Baby Lee”, 1990, Chameleon Records
  12. Billy Idol, “The Charmed Life and Other Vital Videos”, Chrysalis Records, 1990/1
  13. Gift: A Film by Perry Farrell and Casey Niccoli, Featuring Music by Jane’s Addiction, 1993, Warner Bros. Records
  14. Jane’s Addiction, “The Fan’s Video, Soul Kiss”, 1989 Warner Bros. Records

Box 4

  1. Nine Inch Nails, 50 minute video
  2. The Motels, Sony Video 45, a video 45 release of the Sony Corp. of America
  3. Morcheeba, “Trigger Hippie,” Discovery Records, 11/8/96
  4. Meat Puppets, “Backwater,” London/PLG, 2/25/1994
  5. Meat Loaf, “Storytellers”
  6. Mazzy Star, “Fade Into You,” 4/1/94, Capital Records, Inc.
  7. Los Amigos Invisibles, Luaka Bop, The Mastering Studio, Burbank, California, 12/2/1997
  8. Led Zeppelin, “The Song Remains the Same”, 1987
  9. Lenny Kravitz, “Video Retrospective”, Virgin Records
  10. Leo Kottke, “Home and Away”, VIDEO NOT WITH COLLECTION
  11. The Kinks, “Come Dancing with the Kinks”, 1986, Arista Records
  12. Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit”, RCA Records, 3/13/1987 (note: video for the film Platoon)
  13. Jason and the Scorchers, “TV Clips, Interviews, Promos, Videos, Live etc…”
  14. Jason and the Scorchers, Indianapolis 86: Rock Influences, Mambo, Rock of the 80’s

Box 5

  1. R.E.M., “The Great Beyond” from Man on the Moon, Warner Bros. 1999
  2. Otis Redding, “Live at Monterey”, HBO Video, 1988
  3. The Ramones, “Lifestyles of the Ramones”, Warner Reprise Video, Burbank, CA, 1990
  4. Rage Against the Machine, “Killing in the Name,” Epic Associated, for Promotional Use Only 11/27/92
  5. Primus, “Cheesy Home Video”, Interscope, 1992
  6. Primus, “Videoplasty”, Interscope, 1998
  7. Primitive Radio Gods, “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hands”, Columbia Records, 1996
  8. Porno for Pyros, “Live at Woodstock ‘94”
  9. Pink Floyd, “Pulse Live”; Filmed at London Earls Court, 11/20/1994, Sony Music Entertainment
  10. Alan Parsons, “Turn It Up”, Arista Records
  11. Alan Parsons, “Video Postcard”, Arista Records
  12. “P.M. Dawn: One World One Voice; Plus the Cure, Rise Robots Rise, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Arrested Development, R and R Hall of Fame, Graham Nash, etc.”, Island Visual Arts, Gee Street Pictures
  13. Nine Inch Nails, “Pinion” music video, Interscope Records 11/17/92
  14. Nine Inch Nails, “Wish” music video, Interscope Records 11/24/92

Box 6

  1. GrokGazer, “Your Visual Concert Hall”, 1990 Utopia Grokware
  2. Todd Rundgren, “The Desktop Collection”, Rhino Home Video, 1993
  3. Todd Rundgren, “Live in Japan”, comes with promotional flyer, Rhino Home Video, 1990
  4. Utopia, “Live at the Royal Oak”, 1983
  5. Utopia, “The Utopia Sampler”, 1983
  6. Todd Rundgren, “The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect”, 1983
  7. Todd Rundgren, “Videosyncracy”, 1983
  8. Todd Rundgren, “The Making of 2nd Wind”, 1991
  9. Royal Crown Revue, “Mugzy’s Move”, Electronic Press Kit, Promotional Copy, Warner Bros. Records, 1996
  10. Rollins Band, “Liar”, The Image Recording Co.
  11. The Rolling Stones, “The Steel Wheels Concert”
  12. The Rolling Stones, “Rock and Roll Circus”, 1995, ABKCO Films
  13. The Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody”, Capital Cities, 1991
  14. R.E.M., “Succumbs”, 1987

Box 7

  1. “White Animals Home Movies”, Midnight music video from Channel 24 from Nashville
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, three songs, Epic, CMV Enterprises
  3. U2, “Under a Blood Red Sky”, Live at Red Rocks, 1984, MCA Home Video
  4. Traffic, “Live at Santa Monica”, RCA/Columbia Records, 1989
  5. Tina Turner, Promo Copy, video 45, Capital Records Inc., 1984
  6. Tina Turner, “Love Thing”, Capital Records Inc., 1991
  7. Thrill Kill Kult, “Sex on Wheelz”, Cool World Video, Interscope Records, 6/25/92
  8. Richard Thompson, “I Feel So Good”, Capital Records Inc., 1991
  9. Talking Heads, “Stop Making Sense”, RCA/Columbia
  10. Talking Heads, “Storytelling Giant”, comes with promotional flyer, Warner Reprise Video, 1988
  11. Social Distortion, “Bad Luck”, 1992
  12. Shonen Knife, “Explosion”, Betelgeuse Productions
  13. Michelle Shocked, “A Few Notes on the Arkansas Traveler”, PolyGram Records, 1992
  14. Todd Rundgren, “Live in Philadelphia-Summer ‘88”

Box 8

  1. Rollins Band, “Starve”, Dreamworks/SKG, 1997
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Kiss Them for Me”, Geffen Records, 1991
  3. The Murmurs, “You Suck” and “Bad Mood”, MCA Records, 1994
  4. VH1 Behind the Music, Jim Croce
  5. Eric Clapton and Dr. John, VH1 Duets, Song Music, 1996
  6. LaTour, “People Are Still Having Sex,” Polygram Label Group, 1991
  7. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “Ragged Glory”, Ragged Glory, WR Video, 1991
  8. Shawn Colvin and John Hammond, “Austin City Limits”; Neil Young, “Soundstage”
  9. Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “The Complex Sessions”, Directed by Jonathan Demme, WR Video, 1995
  10. Brian Wilson, “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”, Palomar Pictures
  11. Webb Wilder, “Corn Flicks”, 1992
  12. Webb Wilder, “Horror Hayride”, 1991

Box 9

  1. Shonen Knife, “vs. The Monsters of Toho”, Virgin Records
  2. Tom Tom Club, “Compilation/Interview”, 05/22/89, VIDEO NOT WITH COLLECTION
  3. Todd Rundgren, “Newswrap”, 05/22/89, VIDEO NOT WITH COLLECTION
  4. B-52’s, “6 Videos Tied”, Warner Bros. Rec-Library, 07/19/89, VIDEO NOT WITH COLLECTION
  5. The Pink Floyd,  “London 66-67”, 1994
  6. The Who, “The Kids Are Alright”, Thorn EMI Video, 1979
  7. Bauhaus, “Shadow of Light”, Castle Hendring, Begger’s Banquet

Box 10

  1. Steve Earle, “Back to the Wall”, MCA Records Inc.
  2. Madonna “Live! Blond Ambition World Tour ‘90”, HBO, Sunday Aug. 5th 9:00PM
  3. REM, “Tour Film” Trailer, Warner Bros. Rec-Library
  4. The Doors, “A Tribute to Jim Morrison”, Hollywood, Heartbeat/Alchemical, 1981
  5. The Art of Noise featuring Tom Jones, “Kiss”, PolyGram Records
  6. In-Store Play Video #7/94, From: Marlene Fedo Arden, Warner Bros. Records, Merchandising Dept., includes log of music videos
  7. R.E.M., “3 Videos Tied”, Warner Bros Rec-Library, 1993

Box 11

  1. Enya, “On My Way Home,” 10/24/96, comes with CD single
  2. Lou Reed and John Cale, “Songs for Drella”, Press Kit, Warner Bros. Rec-Library, 4/3/90, comes with promotional flyer
  3. Robert Randolph and the Family Band, “I Need More Love”, WB Records
  4. Stereolab, “Miss Modular”, LP-Dots and Loops, Elektra/EEG, 1997
  5. The Jayhawks, “Settled Down Like Rain”, video press kit, Hollywood Town Hall, 1993, comes with 3 promotional postcards
  6. Manuscript tape, “Paul Westerberg on Saturday Night Live, Smashing Pumpkins on Saturday Night Live, Pearl Jam on Saturday Night Live, Nirvana on Saturday Night Live, R.E.M. on Saturday Night Live 11/12/94, Rolling Stones on 60 Minutes 11-13-94, Tom Petty-SNL 11/19/94, GreenDay SNL 12/3/94, MTV Unplugged Nirvana and Meat Puppets ‘Plateau’, ‘Lake of Fire’, Nirvana ‘All Apologies’”

Box 12

  1. AlternaVision Vol. 14
  2. AlternaVision Vol. 15
  3. AlternaVision Vol. 18
  4. AlternaVision Vol. 27
  5. AlternaVision Vol. 28
  6. AlternaVision Vol. 29
  7. AlternaVision Vol. 30
  8. AlternaVision Vol. 31
  9. AlternaVision Vol. 32
  10. AlternaVision Vol. 33
  11. AlternaVision Vol. 38
  12. AlternaVision Vol. 43
  13. AlternaVision Vol. 45
  14. AlternaVision Vol. 47

Box 13

  1. AlternaVision Vol. 48
  2. AlternaVision Vol. 49
  3. AlternaVision Vol. 51
  4. AlternaVision Vol. 52
  5. Pop Vision Vol. 21
  6. Pop Vision Vol. 23
  7. Metal Vision Vol. 31
  8. Metal Vision Vol. 37
  9. Video Sheetmetal 1, Warner Bros. Records, 1991
  10. Rock Revolution, RSVP Music Videos, Royal Sound Video, 1986
  11. Tommy Boy Music, Inc., Video Compilation Reel
  12. Smash Records, 1993 Video Compilation, Island Records Inc.
  13. Warner Bros. Inc., “Black Light Special”, Developing Artist Program
  14. Virgin Records, 6/18/90, VIDEO NOT WITH COLLECTION

Box 14

  1. The Reel Vol. 6
  2. Columbia Digital P.O.P. Reel 001
  3. Columbia Digital P.O.P. Reel 002
  4. Colubia Records, Metal Video Reel, “Cathedral/Entombed/Fudge Tunnel/Fishbone/Alice in Chains/Cathedral”
  5. College Music Video, CMV, Alternative Show, May 1995
  6. CEMAVision # 16
  7. CEMAVision # 13
  8. CEMAVision # 12
  9. CEMAVision # 11
  10. CEMAVision Summer 1991
  11. CEMAVision Summer 1990
  12. Betelgeuse Productions, BMG Distribution, (15) Song Comp Reel, Jan. 1993
  13. BMG Alternative Compilation Video #1
  14. Spewvision, Atlantic Recording Co., 1995

Box 15

  1. “Center Stage: Keith Richards, Austin City Limits: B.B. King, Saturday Night Live: Sade, Paul Westerberg”
  2. Roger Waters, “What God Wants Pt. 1”; “The Search for Robert Johnson”
  3. Aerosmith, “1990 private camera”; The Rolling Stones, 1972 “Cocksucker’s Blues”
  4. Mance Lipscomb and Lightnin’ Hopkins, Masters of the Country Blues”, Yazoo Video, 1991
  5. “Rev. Gary Davis and Sonny Terry, Masters of the Country Blues”, Yazoo Video, 1991
  6. “ A Way to Escape the Ghetto, Out of the Blacks into the Blues”, Yazoo Video, 1992
  7. Messin’ with the Blues”, Rhino Records, 1991
  8. “The Last Waltz: A Martin Scorsese Film”, The Last Waltz Productions, 1978
  9. “Epic Records Compilation”
  10. “Billy Block’s Western Beat LIVE”
  11. madd hatter films video montage, directed by Peter Lauer
  12. “Bizarre Music Television”, Rhino Records, 1986
  13. “The A.R.M.S. Concert Part II”, Media Home Entertainment, 1984
  14. “The A.R.M.S. Concert Part I”, Media Home Entertainment, 1984

Box 16

  1. Rock Video Monthly, October 1992
  2. Rock Video Monthly, January 1993
  3. Rock Video Monthly, April 1993
  4. Rock Video Monthly, May 1993
  5. Rock Video Monthly, June 1993
  6. Rock Video Monthly, July 1993
  7. Rock Video Monthly, August 1993
  8. Rock Video Monthly, September 1993: alternative releases
  9. Rock Video Monthly, October 1993: alternative releases
  10. Rock Video Monthly, November 1993: alternative releases
  11. Rock Video Monthly, December 1993: alternative releases
  12. Rock Video Monthly, January 1994: alternative releases
  13. Rock Video Monthly, September 1994: alternative releases
  14. Rock Video Monthly, Fall 1995: blues edition

Box 17

  1. “Epic Records, March 1991 Alternative Compilation Reel”
  2. “Holiday Heavy Hitters ‘95”, In-store play video, WB Mech. Department
  3. “Island: Compilation Reel”
  4. “Epic Records Hard Rock/Metal Video Compilation III”
  5. Virgin Records, “September Compilation, 18 Reels Tied, 9/15/89”
  6. “Reel Rock for Summer from Epic, Aug. ‘92”
  7. Elektra Entertainment, “Sight and Sound Fall ’93”
  8. Elektra Entertainment, “Winter ’92”
  9. “MTV Closet Classics”, Vestron Music Video, 1986
  10. “Just Say Yes: The Video, Vol. 2”, Warner Reprise Video, 1991
  11. Rock Video Monthly, Winter 1995: techno edition