“FARTHER ALONG” CONFERENCE                                                                 07-018



Physical Description:

.42  L. F. Manuscripts

Digital photographs and PowerPoint presentations

6 Books; 6 CDs

10 DAT; 12 DVD-Rs



April 4-5, 2008



Permissions for reproduction of audio materials for research are held in the collection control files. Standard copyright regulations apply.



These materials were generated for and by the conference titled, “Farther Along: A conference on the Southern Gospel Convention-Singing Tradition” sponsored by the CPM. The audio CDs were recorded during the conference presentations by CPM Manager of Media Collections Martin Fisher. Digital images were taken by Grover Baker, CPM Librarian, and Paul Wells, Director. The manuscripts were sent to the Center by the participants after the conference at the request of the Archivist, Lucinda Cockrell. The song books and commercial CDs were donated by the participant artists.


Scope and content:

This collection consists of manuscript materials including printed papers, PowerPoint presentations, pamphlets, brochures documenting presentations and events from the CPM “Farther Along : A conference on the Southern Gospel Convention-Singing Tradition” conference held April 4-5, 2008. Also included are digital images, gospel song books, hymnals, and CDs given by participant artists. Martin Fisher, CPM Manager of Media Collections processed the recorded sessions from the conference and the resulting CDs and DVDs are available for research purposes, along with logs of conference sessions and singings.

Please see conference program for more information on individual session papers.



The audio tapes and CDs are filed first by media type, then by log number with other audio visual manuscripts. Digital files are archived on the CPM server and printed copies are available for research in the manuscripts. The manuscripts are filed by accession number, arranged chronologically by presentation order and filed among the manuscript collections by accession number. Session recordings on CD and DVDs are located in the audio manuscripts. Books and commercial CDs were dispersed and filed in respective categories of special collection materials, searchable in InMagic.


Related Materials:

The Center holds other gospel-related manuscript collections, such as the Anna J. Strohman gospel songbook collection (90-010), Southern Gospel Convention Singing Collection (06-018), John A. McClung Hartford Music Company Collection (04-008), George B. Holsinger Shape Note Gospel Music Collection (89-045), Singing School Collection (06-008), and M.H. Woodard Manuscript and Gospel Songbook Collection (01-023). These may be searched through the InMagic Archives database. Other collections containing gospel materials may also be searched through InMagic, such as the rare book, sheet music, iconographic, performance, and trade catalog collections.


Subject Headings:

Gospel music

Shape-note singing.

Conference & symposium papers


Folder/box list:

Box 1 


Folder 1          Pamphlets and program


Folder 2          Conference Overview: Why We are Here,”

Stephen Shearon, School of Music, MTSU


Folder 3          The R. E. Winsett Music Company: A Case Study in Ma and Pa


Mel R. Wilhoit, Bryan College


Folder 4          The Church Hymnal: A Legacy of the Convention Song,”

Donald LeRoy, Lee University


Folder 5          “Varying Degrees of Similitude: Stylistic Homogeneity and Change in the

                                    Stamps-Baxter Songs of Luther Presley,”

Gregory Straughn, Abilene Christian University.


Folder 6          Skylite Recording Company: The Legacy of Stamps,”

Theodore E. Fuller, Collierville, Tennessee.


Folder 7          “The Gaitherization of Convention Singing” (PowerPoint paper).

Douglas Harrison, Florida Gulf Coast University


Folder 8          “Music Is a Science: The Career and Legacy of Shaped-Note Music Teacher W.

E. Ledbetter, Overton County, Tennessee,”

Steve Hoskins, Trevecca Nazarene University/MTSU


Folder 9          “Who Will Sing One Song for Me”: Tracing Shape-Note Singing Traditions in

                                    Rural Tennessee – (PowerPoint paper)

Holly Garrett Anthony, Tennessee Technological University


Folder 10        “Aldine Keiffer, Southern Gospel, and Hillbilly Music: The Case of ‘The Grave

                                    on the Green Hillside’” –(PowerPoint paper)

Stephen Shearon, MTSU


Folder 11        “From Hartford to Honky-Tonks to the ‘Hood’: The continuing Cultural Journey

                                    of Albert E. Brumley’s ‘I’ll Fly Away’”

Kevin Kehrberg, University of Kentucky


Folder 12        “The Reasons We Sing: The Reported Health Benefits of Regular and Active

Participation in Southern Gospel Convention Singing  (PowerPoint paper)

Susan E. Abbott, Stephen F. Austin State University


Folder 13        “The Family of God: The Transmission of ‘Family Values’ through the Gendered

                                    Conventions of Southern Gospel Singing Conventions

Suzanne R. Lee, Saint Louis University


Folder 14        “The Art of Convention-Style Piano Accompaniment,” (Note: paper not received)

                                    Tracey Phillips, MTSU


Folder 15        “Digitizing on a Shoestring: The Max Morris Southern Gospel Music Collection,”

                                    (PowerPoint paper)

Jacquelyn A. Royal, Lee University 


Folder 16        “Southern Gospel Holdings at the Center for Popular Music,”

                                    (PowerPoint paper)

Paul F. Wells and Grover Baker, MTSU


Folder 17        “Variations in Style and Repertory of Seven-Shape Conventions in Alabama,”

                                    (PowerPoint paper)

Steve Grauberger, Alabama State Council on the Arts 


Folder 18        “The Speer Family: The “First Family” of Gospel Music,”

                                    Shawn Degenhart, Peoria, Illinois.


Folder 19        Audio logs of conference sessions


Folder 20        Accompanying materials to CD: “Traditional Musics of Alabama, vol. 2.”


Folder 21        Photographs – Thumbnails of digital images


Folder 22        Release Agreements



Separated Materials:



The Church Hymnal, Tennessee Music and Printing Company

Sing It Out!, Jeffress/Phillips Music

Shape Notes: Songs of the Gospel, Texas Legendary Music Company (Donated by Martha Ham)

Open the Windows: New Gospel Songs, Cumberland Valley Music Company (Donated by Eugene McCammon)

Zion’s Praises by Aaron Z. Weaver, Weaver Music Company

The “Church Hymnal” (1951): A Shape-Note Hymnal of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), 

A Dissertation presented for the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree, The University of Memphis, Donald Todd LeRoy, May 2004.


Some of My Favorite Piano Arrangements by Sidney Ryan Hicks

The Ledbetters: What a Singing

Old Time Religion: Piano Solo Favorites by Tracey Phillips

Tracey Phillips Favorite Hymns

Shape Notes: Songs of the Gospel, Texas Legendary Music Company

Sing It Out!, Jeffress/Phillips Music

Traditional Musics of Alabama Vol. 2, Alabama Arts Council (Donated by Steve Grauberger)



LPC June 2008 (updated July 2011)