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GLOBAL SATELLITE NETWORK                                                           89-018



Physical Description:

20 compact discs (LFA-0094A/P. LFA-0095A/D. TCA-0096A/B)

2 audio tapes.

2 flyers.






Compact discs and audio cassette tapes of three radio series produced by Global Satellite Network, Sherman Oaks, California, and broadcast via Digital Satellite during 1989.


Scope and Content:


16 compact discs, 1 flyer (LFA-0094A/P)

Series of 4 four hour radio programs “tracing the paths and intersections of some of today’s rock legens…the stories of the groups they started, discarded and reforged” including the Yardbirds, Bluesbreakers, Led Zeppelin, Traffic, Cream, Blind Faith, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Hollies, CSN&Y, James Gang, Poco, Eagles and more. The program was available for broadcast Memorial Day weekend, July 4th weekend, Labor Day weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend, 1989. Each program ran on ca. 100 stations.


Woodstock—the Summer of ‘69”

4 compact discs (LFA0095A/D)

Four hour radio program “tracing the events that shaped the summer of 1969” and culminated in the Woodstock festival 15-17 August which was aired by 175 stations on the 20th anniversary of the festival.


“Reeling in the Years”

2 audio tape cassettes (TCA-0096A/B)

Three hour radio program broadcast 22-23 April 1989. One in a series which “features the timeless classic hits of the 60’’s generation” with an emphasis “on core artists such as The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Creedence, The Who, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Traffic, etc. plus soul greats, famous ‘live’ performances [and] memorable ‘one hit wonders’. The series was hosted by George Taylor Morris, and aired over 175 stations.



Compact discs and audio tapes are filed by disc/tape number with other archival audio cisual materials. Flyers are filed by accession number with other manuscript collections.