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Puirt a Baroque

September 26, 1998


Four (4) digital audio cassette tapes (TCD226A-D) and ##### photo images (contact sheet frames, negatives, and prints) of a seminar and concert by this Canadian musical group which fuses Scottish/Cape Breton music with Baroque art music.  The first two tapes (226A-B) cover the seminar (the second of which consists of the question-and-answer session), the second two (226C-D) cover the concert in Wright Music Hall, MTSU.  Puirt a Baroque is comprised of David Greenberg (baroque and modern violins), Stephanie Conn (voice and step dance), Terry McKenna (baroque and steel string guitars), David Sandall (harpsichord).


Audio tapes are filed by tape number with other archival audio materials.  Photographs are filed under “Puirt a Baroque” in the Center biographical files.



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