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"PLAYED IN THE USA" TELEVISION SERIES                         92-001

Physical description:

1 folio including 10 photographs and 1 compact disc.




This press kit was given to the Center by the series co-producer Blaine Dunlap.

Agency history:

"Played in the USA", a thirteen part televsion series hosted by actor Martin Sheen, celebrated "the music that distinguishes our culture and defines it around the world" and "the people who make the music." The series, produced by Blaine Dunlap and Stevenson J. Palfi for the American Community Services Network, was broadcast beginning 6 October 1991 and was underwritten by the John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

-- from the press kit folio

Scope and content:

This press kit includes a list of programs; a compilation press release including brief descriptions of each program; a release describing the co-producers Blaine Dunlap and Stevenson J. Palfi; individual press releases for each program; photographs for eleven of the thirteen press releases; a poster; and a compact disc of some of the music performed in the series.

A list of the program titles and a list of the cuts on the compact disc follow.


The press kit is filed by accession number with other manuscript groups. The photographs are filed in the subject iconographic file under "Played in the USA". The poster is filed by accession number with other oversize manuscript items. The compact disc is filed with commericial compact discs under "Played in the USA".