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POLLOCK’S CORNET BAND                                                                               03-018

                        ACCOUNT BOOK



Physical Description:

One cloth ledger book   (4 ¼” x 6 5/8” x 6/16”)






Purchased by the Center from Steve Finer Rare Books in January 2004.



Agency History/biographical sketch:

The Pollock Cornet Band from Fairville, New York maintained an account book for the years 1887 through 1891. Fred H. Pollok (or Pollock) was the Leader and played 1st Eb Cornet. A search indicated a Fred H. Pollock listed in the Wayne County Farm Directory of 1914, Arcadia Township. He was a farmer with a wife, Emma, and owned 68 acres on Highway 24. No other information is know about the band itself.



Scope and content:

This account book titled, Pollock’s Cornet Band in Acc’t With the Treasur’r Ledger contains approximately 100 pages of simple manuscript entries. The majority of the entries detail dues and credits by band members.  The first page lists band members along with instruments and parts played. There are occasional allowances for replaced instruments, drum heads, drum lettering, socials, and cash received.




Filed with manuscript materials by accession number.



Related Materials:

The Center holds other manuscript materials relating to bands, such as the Sprout Brook Band Band Books and the Warren Brass Band Account Book, searchable through Special Collections inventory descriptions. 




January 2004 LPC