Archives Collection



Physical Description:

13 audio cassette tapes (TCA-0045—TCA-0052. TCA-0054, TCA-0055)



September-December 1987



These tapes were made by Dr. Don Cusic, course instructor, and his student assistants using equipment from the Center for Popular Music.


Agency history:

The recording industry management program at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro TN includes a topics course (#481), the content of which varies each semester. In the fall of 1987 the course, taught by Dr. Don Cusic, focused on historical perspectives of the recording industry and consisted of a series of lectures by individuals associated with the industry. The lecture on black music by Kip Lornell was also a public lecture sponsored by the Center for Popular Music.


Scope and Content:

This group consists of audio cassette tapes of the lectures given as part of the RIM course 481, fall 1987. The speakers and topics were:

            Chris Haseleu, recording technology (TCA-0045)

            Jim Fogelsong, music business (TCA-0046)

            Geoff Hull, copyright (TCA-0047)

            Don Butler, gospel music (TCA-0048)

            Charles Wolfe, country music (TCA-0049)

            Brad McCuen, jazz (TCA-0050A/B)

            Paul Wells, folk music (TCA-0051A/B)

            Don Cusic, recording industry (TCA-0052)

            Kip Lornell, black music (TCA-0054A/B)

            Ellen Garrison, Center for Popular Music (TCA-0055)

Tapes examples of jazz, folk, and black music used by the speakers are filed following the tape of each of those lectures.



Audio visual materials are filed by tape number in the audio visual archives.


Related Materials:

Student papers and other materials generated when RIM 481 was taught on other topics are filed under the course topic for that semester.