Archives Collection
SCOTT, "DOC" TOMMY                                                                      98-057

Physical Description:
3 cassette tapes
4 33 r.p.m. recordings
.1 l.f. vertical file
14 iconographic


This material was sent unsolicited to Charles Wolfe at Middle Tennessee State University by Tommy Scott and passed on to the Center in June, 1999.

Biographical sketch:
Tommy Scott, born in Toccoa, Georgia, began performing in medicine shows in 1930 and by winning an amateur contest, was able to join "Doc" M.F. Chamberlain's "Herb O Lac Medicine Show" which he took over in 1936. Scott collaborated for some time with Charlie Monroe, playing music and selling the "snake oil" passed on by Doc Chamberlain. When Scott struck out on his own, he renewed the medicine show format and performed at hundreds of different cities per year up through the present. He has performed on numerous television shows including the Today Show, David Letterman "Late Nite," the Oprah Winfrey show, the Nashville Television Network, and the Grand Ole Opry

Scope and content:
3 cassete tapes of Tommy Scott. One of the recordings contains 65 years of interviews and records from live old radio broadcasts; the other two contain forms of bluegrass. The four lp discs are recordings of bluegrass, gospel, country, and medicine show repertoire. The 14 iconographic items are publicity prints, four in color and the rest in halftone. They depict studio poses, performances, and t.v. appearances. The vertical file materials include newspaper articles and references to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, along with a souvenir booklet of photographs.

The tapes are filed among the sound recordings under "Doc." The LPs are filed among the sound recordings under Katona Records and Family Records. The vertical file material is in the biographical vertical file under "Scott, Tommy." The images are in the iconographic biographical file.

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