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CENTER FOR POPULAR MUSIC                                                             88-058




2 audio cassette (TCA-0111A/B)

Interviewers: Doug Seroff, gospel music researcher of Nashville, Tennessee and Center for Popular Music audio archivist Bruce Nemerov.
Interview with Joseph Shabalala, founder/leader of the South African acapella singing group Ladysmith Blacksmith Mambazo which won a 1988 record of the year Grammy for its “Graceland” following a performance by Ladysmith at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, March 1990. The interview by black gospel music researcher Dough Seroff and Center audio archivist Bruce Nemerov focuses primarily on the relationship between Ladysmith's music and black American religious music. Shabalala also talks briefly about the group's history and the origin and development of the group's music and mentions some elements of his personal history.

A copy of speech delivered by Shabalala at Capetown University 24 January 1990 received with this interview filed under Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the biographical vertical files.