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SHANNON, REV. F.B.                                                                                 96-001



Physical Description:

1 ½-inch VHS tape (VCH-0207).



November 22, 1995    



Tape of performance was filmed by Park Ranger Wayne Ingram at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.


Agency History/biographical sketch:

Reverend F.B. Shannon, a blind African-American guitarist and singer is the pastor of a Baptist church near Cedars of Lebanon State Park. This performance took place at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on November 22, 1995.


Scope and content:

This taped performance consists of songs and discussion about Shannon’s past. Songs include “Death Come A-Creepin’,” Farther Along,” “In the Pines,” “John Henry,” and “I’ll Fly Away.” For a complete list of songs, see the following video log.



Filed by VCH-number and located with audiovisual manuscript materials.