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CENTER FOR POPULAR MUSIC                                                             88-058




2 video cassettes (VCT-0023/A/B)

1 folder of related material.

21 photographs.

Interviewer: John R. Duke, professor of music, Middle Tennessee State University.

Tommy Thomas, a percussionist, played with bands in club and theater orchestras in Chicago from the 1930s to the 1950s and recorded on several major record labels. He also served with an army entertainment troop during World War II, toured with the U.S.O., wrote books and articles on percussion techniques and taught percussion at colleges in Florida and Tennessee.

Group includes 2 video tape cassettes of interview between Thomas, John R. Duke, professor of music at Middle Tennessee State University, and Paul Wells, director, Center for Popular Music; autobiographical notes by Thomas and a type copy of same by Duke; music (copy) for percussion instruction by Thomas; an advertisement for Thomas's percussion instruction books; and comments and analysis of the interview by John R. Duke.

Also 21 black and white photographs (copies) including photographs of Thomas with the first double-pedal bass drum and Thomas with Benny Goodman, Louis Belson, Red Norvo (?), Les Brown (?), Buddy Rich (?) and others.