Archives Collection
YOUNG, HENRY                                        91-076

Physical description:

.75 l.f. (in part copies) including

2 audio tapes (TCA-0161 TTA-0161)

3 video tapes (VCH-0161 VCT-0161A/B)




These papers and copies of the audio cassette tape (TCA-0161) and half-inch video tape (VCH-0161) were donated by Henry Young of Temple Texas. Working masters of the tapes (TTA-0161, VCT-1061A/B) were made by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov.

Biographical sketch:

Henry A Young, who collected and/or produced this material, was associated with radio station KCHJ, Delano CA, and later moved to Temple Texas. A life-long friend of Jim Evans, founder of the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Association and author of several letters in the collection, Young succeeded Evans as president of the Association.

Scope and content:

The audio tape (TCA-0161, TTA-0161)) includes Young's interview with Evans who describes founding the first Rodgers Fan Club in the 1940's, production of tape copies of Rodgers' discs which spurred Victor's Rodgers' reissues, a dub of a Rodgers' song, and information of foreign issues of Rodgers. Also included is an "The Story of Casey Jones," Young's interview with Simeon Webb, Jones' fireman.

The video tape (VCH-0161, VCT-0161A/B) includes a 1929 film by Rodgers "The Singing Brakeman" copied by Evans from an original lent by Mrs. Jimmie Rodgers ca. 1950; a syndicated television show "Eyes of Texas" about Rodgers; television footage of a 1953 Rodgers's festival, opening of the Rodgers' museum and issuance of a Rodgers' commemorative stamp and other events; and a documentary on Rodgers produced by Mississippi Educational Television Network.

Among the papers, which are arranged chronologically, are copies of a letter to Raymond Hall, a prisoner who wrote several songs recorded by Rodgers from Rodgers; letters, 1949, between Evans and Victor records representatives concerning Evans' illegal sale of Rodgers dubs; letters, 1970-1977; between Henry Young and postal officials, Congressmen and Senators, and others concerning the Rodgers's commemorative stamp; a 1979 letter to Rodgers' daughter Anita concerning her father's Masonic application on which he listed his birthplace as Geiger, Alabama; and other Rodgers related correspondence.


These audio visual materials are filed first by format, then by tape number in the audio visual archives. The papers are filed by accession number with other manuscript groups.