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Physical description:

.75 l.f. including 4 video cassette tapes (VCT-0164A/C. VCH-0164), 1 audio cassette tape (TCA-0164) and 48 photographs.


2 September 1992. 3 February 1993. [1928-1993]


The seven photographs donated by Shelley Mays must be credited to the photographer as well as the Center for Popular Music.


The audio tape (TCA-0164) and three of the video tapes (VCT-0164A/B) were produced by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov and Television Services of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). The fourth video tape (VCT-0164C) was produced by Elizabeth Pearson. The photographs were taken by Center director Paul Wells and by Sidelines staffer Shelley Mays. The flyers, programs, etc. were produced by the Center.

Agency history:

"Blues from Murfreesboro", an honors lyceum cosponsored by the MTSU Honors Program, the Center for Popular Music and the Tennessee Folklore Society, was first presented on the MTSU campus 2 September 1992 and was repeated 3 February 1993 as part of the university's observance of African-American History Month.

The presentation consisted of four components: a video "Before the Blues" documenting both aurally and graphically older styles of African-American music from which the blues evolved and performances of early blues by William Howse, Ed Dye and Bruce Nemerov; of piano blues by William Richardson; and of delta blues by William Howse and Jack Pearson.

Scope and content:

This group consists primarily of audio visual materials including raw video footage (VCT-0164A) and the sound track (TCA-0164) used by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov to prepare the video tape (VCH-0164) "Before the Blues"; selected scenes from the performance portion of the program shot by Ken Byers of MTSU Television Services (VCT-1064B); and a video tape (copy) of the complete performance shot by Elizabeth (Mrs. Jack) Pearson (VCT-0164C). Logs of each of these tapes, including a list of songs and their performers, prepared by Center audio specialist Bruce Nemerov follow.

Among the photographs are thirty-three black and white contact prints and negatives shot by Center director Paul Wells and eight 3x5 black and white prints made from his negatives and four 5x7 and three 8x10 black and white prints shot by Sidelines staffer Shelley Mays.
Printed documentation includes flyers, newspapers announcements and programs with an essay describing the evolution of the blues and annotations of the songs performed written by Charles Wolfe of MTSU from each presentation and an article and photographs which were published in Sidelines following the first lyceum.


Audio and video tapes are filed first by format, then by tape number in the audio visual archives. Photographs are filed under "Blues from Murfreesboro" in the subject iconographic file. Printed documents are filed by accession number with other manuscripts.

Related material:

There is additional information on the Center's participation in this event filed with other project files in the Center's administrative records.