Archives Collection
MID-CAROLINA MALE CHORUS                 94-047


Physical Description:

4 audio 10" instantaneous discs

1 reel-to-reel audio tape copy (TTA-0188)


April 19, 1950


The original recordings were donated to the Center by Gayle Dean Wardlow in the summer of 1994. The tape copy was dubbed soon thereafter.

Scope and Content:

Four (4) instantaneous audio disc recordings of male vocal songs. The songs are primarily, but not limited to, religious topics. All selections are a capella unless otherwise noted on the log. The recordings were done in Salisbury, North Carolina on April 19, 1950.


The instantaneous discs are filed in boxes marked "manuscript sound discs" with other archival manuscript materials, and are arranged by accession number. The audio tapes are filed by tape number with other archival audio visual materials.

The audio log follows.

dmj 9/96