Archives Collection
CINCINNATI, OHIO                                         89-056

Physical description:

2 10" reel to reel analog audio tapes (TTA-0112A/B)

1 manuscript disc (MCD-0113)


Purchased by Center audio archivist Bruce Nemerov in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 1990 along with commercial discs, sheet music and one monograph which are listed in the accession record.

Scope and content note:

Material purchased by Bruce Nemerov while working on a production in Cincinnati, Ohio including two 10" reel to reel audio tapes (TTA-0112A/B) of a session, probably from Cincinatti ca. 1960s, of multiple takes of "My Christmas Present to You" and "The First Time Anybody Loved Me" performed by a male baritone backed by rhythm, accordion, clarinet and vocal group and a 10" 78 rpm instantaneous disc (MCD-0113) of an African-American woman performing a soliloquy and "Sleep, Baby, Sleep". The box containing the audio tapes was labelled First Records Code #475, Andrew Rosenthal, c/o Lozarus, 200 Columbia Pkwy, City.


Audio tapes and manuscript disc are filed by tape/disc number with other archival audio visual materials. A reference copy of the disc is filed with commercial audio tapes.