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LABAJ, STACY (d. 1976)                                                 89-037

Physical description:

3 audio tapes (TCA-0103A/C).

2 items.


1972. [1850's-1970's].


These tapes and transcripts were the gift of Dot Daniel, MTSU Alumni Office, who is the daughter of Stacy Labaj.

Scope and content:

3 audio cassette tapes of interview with Hattie Lee Gibson Jackson (b. 1888), Henry Jackson (b. 1887) and Mollie Wade White (b. 1885) conducted by Stacy Labaj, 21 May 1972 in Granger, Texas.

This multi-party interview describes incidents of slave life recounted by their grandparents, including marriage customs and attitudes toward masters; domestic life including cooking and food; songs with which they had grown up; church life including religious songs and camp meetings; work including domestic service and cotton picking*; home remedies; burial customs, birth and midwifery; schools; Christmas celebrations; Mr. Jackson's Masonic Lodge; and his band including repertoire, performances and instruments. Tape concludes with several religious songs performed by Mr. Jackson including "That Beautiful Shore."

Transcript of the above interview up through the section marked *.

Typescript. Memoirs of Lela Jackson (b. 1885) including her parents' description of slave sales; food and cooking; horses; peddlers; relations with whites; school; slave marriage customs; life during three depressions (1917, 1925, 1932); camp meetings including music; life of her father Allen Whitfield who was a fiddle player; sale of her parents and their move to Texas as slaves in the 1850's; their relations with their master; the transition to freedom in 1864; her father's work as an undertaker for whites and blacks; and his funeral. "Historical Sketch of the Life of Uncle Allen Whitfield. "Granger [Texas] News, 1 January 1925. (copy)


Audio cassettes are filed by tape number with other archival audio visual materials. Reference copies of the tapes are filed with commercial tapes. The transcript and typescript are filed by accession number with other manuscripts.