Archives Collection
"MUSIC BIZ"             88-059
VIDEO TAPES            90-010

Physical description:

4 linear feet including

37 3/4" video tapes (VCT-001-014. VCT-016-021. VCT-0149A/P.


36 black and white photographs




These video tapes were directed and edited by Pat Jackson of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Television Services. They were produced by the Center for Popular Music, MTSU.

Agency history:

"The Music Biz" was a series of 30 minute television shows featuring interviews with performers, songwriters, executives and scholars of the music industry. Don Cusic, a member of the MTSU recording industry management faculty, hosted the series which was aired over Murfreesboro (TN) Cablevision's Channel 28 in 1986.

Scope and content:

3/4" video tapes (VCT-0001-0014, VCT-0016-0021. VCT-0150) of master edits of the interviews listed on the following page. Also 3/4 video tapes (VCT-0149A/P) of raw footage of some but not all of the interviews and 36 black and white photographs of interviewee Nanci Griffith.


Video tapes of the master edits of the interviews are filed first by media type, then by number with other archival audio visual materials. The video taped raw footage is boxed and shelved with other manuscripts. The photographs of Nanci Griffith are filed in the biographical photograph file.

Related materials:

The personal papers donated to the Center by Don Cusic and copies of term papers written by students in his courses are filed and described as separate groups.

Interviewee list:

Mike Allen (VCT-0001)

Debbie Banks (VCT-0002)

Dan Beck (VCT-0003A/B)

Mike Blanton ((VCT-0004)

Niles Borop (VCT-0005)

Patsy Bruce (VCT-0006)

Del Bryant (VCT-0007)

Stan Byrd (VCT-0008)

Hazel Dickens (VCT-0009)

Jim Fogelsong (VCT-0010)

Nanci Griffith (VCT-0011)

Ken Irwin (VCT-0150)

Buddy Killen (VCT-0012)

Kip Kirby (VCT-0013)

Brad McCuen (VCT-0014)

Blake Mevis (VCT-0016)

Tandy Rice (VCT-0017)

Neil Rosenberg (VCT-0018)

Joe Sullivan (VCT-0019)

Liz Thiels (VCT-0020)

Charles Wolfe (VCT-0021)