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WARD ALLEN COLLECTION                                                                                          98-052




Physical Description:

   l.f. manuscripts.






These materials were compiled by Ward Allen over the course of his life.  How they arrived at the Center in the early 1980s is unknown.


Biographical Sketch:

Ward Allen spent a good part of his musical career in Cucamonga, California, writing songs and arrangements for them.  For some time he was associated with Pal Records, Inc., eventually marrying its president.  He was involved with various community musical groups, for which he was concert master.  His career as a songwriter and composer apparently offered him little success beyond a jingle for an environmental campaign mascot and a 4-H theme song.


Scope and content:

Materials documenting Ward Allen=s career as a music writer, including manuscript arrangements and orchestrations of his compositions, both scores and parts; a published orchestral arrangement; business records of APal Records, Inc.@ including invoices, receipts, correspondence, checks, expenses lists, artists and contracts, AF of M performance trusts, litigation papers, mechanical licenses; film for printing and print copy;  published music books of classical standards; concert programs.  Much of the material is undated, but the majority of it was produced in the 1950s. 



These materials are located among the manuscripts and found by accession number.


Box list:


[Note:  this collection remains unprocessed, this description an incomplete sketch.]


Box 1

approx. forty (40) copies of music manuscripts, 1958-1965

Box 2

approx. thirty (30) music manuscripts of instrumental arrangements on onion skin, approx. forty (40) original manuscripts, 1925-1958

Box 3

approx. fifty (50) pieces of sheet music, twenty-two (22) of which are in registered or certified envelopes,1931-1966.

Box 4

Multiple manuscripts arrangements of W. Allen compositions.  Multiple copies of published orchestral arrangement, 1927.

Box 5

Multiple manuscript arrangements of six W. Allen compositions including the 4-H song.

Box 6

Seventy-six (76) songs and eight (8) other W. Allen orchestrations.

Box 7

AParky & the Litterbug@ music and its film for printing, print copy for AParky=s@ portfolio;  more arrangements;  sax solo with piano, full score.

Box 8

business records of APal Records, Inc.@ and Olivia B. Buff (president):  invoices, receipts, correspondence, checks, check stubs, expenses lists;  correspondence with publicity / promotion agent Tim Gayle;  litigation papers.


Box 9

manuscript music scores;  published music books of classical standards.

Box 10

Pal Records, Inc. ca. 1957-1961 correspondence regarding 4-H song; Parky (the environmental raccoon);  BMI business;  artists and contracts;  AF of M performance trusts;  incoming correspondence.  Also mechanical licenses; concert programs.